How to buy Modern wall clocks

How to buy Modern wall clocks

When you’re shopping for modern wall clocks, it’s important to keep in mind a few key things. First, think about what type of look you want. Some popular styles include monochromatic or minimalistic designs, while others are more brightly colored and whimsical. Second, consider how large or small you want your clock to be. Third, think about your budget. Learn How to buy Modern wall clocks.

The collection of modern wall clocks consists of more than 600 different wall clocks. The modern wall clocks are from various quality brands such as AMS, Hermle, and Karlsson. These clocks are mainly available in a quartz version, supplied with a battery, both with and without pendulum. There are also mechanical clocks.

The wall clocks are made of various materials, often a combination of wood, metal, plastic, or glass. They are suitable for hanging in common places in the house; a wall clock in the living room and kitchen is the most popular. For example, a special wall clock on the wall can create a unique atmosphere. 95% of modern wall clocks are supplied from our own stock and all clocks come with a 2-year warranty.

Buy wall clock

Buying a wall clock can be a difficult task due to the many types and sizes that are manufactured today. The various filters in the category make buying a clock easier because it makes it easier to find the desired clock. The wall clocks are available in modern, classic, and design versions. As a result, there is a suitable wall clock for every interior for sale. Because we have specialized in clocks for more than 35 years, you can buy a wall clock from us without worries and count on our expert advice and good service.

We are happy to help our customers with specific questions about a certain product, or for additional advice on buying the right clock. In addition, we check all our products well in advance and they are carefully packed so that you will have a well-functioning wall clock with certainty. Because most products are in stock, orders placed on working days before 3 p.m. are shipped the same day. A quality battery is included with the wall clocks with a quartz movement. Even after receiving your order, you can count on us for any further questions or advice.

Types of clockwork for wall clocks

To make the search for a beautiful wall clock easier, you can start by choosing the desired timepiece. Broadly speaking, there are 2 types of timepieces. Here you can more tips about buying guide 

Quartz battery movement:

Most wall clocks nowadays have a quartz movement that functions on a supplied battery. These can be divided into wall clocks with a pendulum that moves continuously back and forth, and wall clocks that do not have a pendulum. These quartz battery clocks usually no longer have a clockwork with a striking mechanism or a melody. These clocks are also quite quiet so that there is normally no trouble with any light ticking of the clock.  This is because the batteries often last up to a year, so you don’t have to worry about it until the battery needs to be replaced. There are also a few wall clocks for sale that function on mains power;

Mechanical movement:

Furthermore, old-fashioned wall clocks with mechanical clockwork are available. In many cases, these still have a pendulum that moves back and forth. In addition, with these versions, the ticking is even louder audible. The mechanical wall clocks often still have a striking mechanism. Common percussion are Westminster percussion, bim-bam percussion, gong percussion, and bell percussion. If a clock has a striking mechanism, this is further described in the product description. The mechanical clocks are mainly manufactured in the classical versions. The timepieces are of high quality. They are supplied with weights that usually need to be pulled up once a week, or with a winding movement that often needs to be wound up once a week or once every 2 weeks.

Shape of wall clocks

In addition to the timepiece, a good choice can also be made by determining a shape to buy the desired wall clock. By means of the filters, there is a choice between an elongated, square or round wall clock. For example, most versions of the ro. An extensive range is also available for a square wall clock, and other shapes are also available that are also worth a look at. A common size wall clock is 30 cm, but larger wall clocks of 40 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm, and 70 cm diameter are also available. A round large clock in the living room is, therefore, a beautiful and striking addition. . The warranty period for all clocks is 24 months. We will also be happy to help you afterward and you can benefit from our service.